2015 Finance and Debt Goals With Some Simple Tips

If you want to reach your financial goals in 2015 read on. The year 2015 can be the start of the best time of your life. What goals do you have in your life and finances? The two are intertwined, you cannot separate them. Write down a list of goals between 5 and 10 goals. You need to be very clear about where you want to go. Lack of direction is the number one dream killer outside of lack of will power. Now that you have written these goals out I want you to rank them in order of the most important. Which of these goals matter the most? If you could only achieve one of these goals which one would it be?

The most important goal you need to focus on with 90% of your effort and ability.
Now you need to write a list of steps to take to achieve this goal, these will be your goals milestones. When trying to reach your end goal do not focus on the end goal, this is a mistake many people make. Why? Simply put when we are working on a long term goal that will take a year or more to reach we view the time to reach the goal as a drag, it weighs us down. If we look however at reaching the milestones as end results the effort and time passes much more easily and when we reach this mile stone we feel great!
Lack of knowledge and skills is also what effects many people from reaching their goals. If for example every year you have set a goal to end the year with a savings of X amount of dollars but fall short and give up every year examine why this has failed. Chances are it is the lack of a skill that has effected you reaching your goal, such as the skill of budgeting. Once you have identified the skill or skills you need to help you reach your goal focus on learning, practicing and using this skill or skills. Master the skill, make it your own.
What is the difference between a man who works all day and only makes and saves a few dollars versus one who works all day and makes a fortune? Skills and the practical application of those skills in the real world. Skills are basically knowledge we have learned then learned to apply in life. Focus on learning the skills you need then applying them. Once you have mastered one skill move on to another.
If you follow this advice not only will you reach your goals be they financial or otherwise, but you will be setting yourself up for great success in life. Some other advice:
* Learn all you can in 2015. Spend at least one hour per day absorbing knowledge related to your goals or related to skills that you need to learn and master. Doing this then practicing what you have learned throughout the year will bring you great success.
* Read up on and learn from people in the real world that you know have succeeded in goals similar to the goals you have set forth one day per week. Find out what habits, skills and thoughts they have used to achieve these goals and emulate them to the best of your ability.

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